“The best teaching is taught by the patient himself”

Sir William Osler
Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford (1905-1920)

Through our research we provide evidenced-based data on people’s experiences of health and illness which offers information and support, and assists informed decision-making. Our interviews typically include people’s accounts of their reactions to diagnosis, consultations with health professionals, talk with family and friends, the impact of their health condition on relationships and work, decisions on treatment options and the experience of taking medications and receiving treatments.

The rigour of our research is THE unique feature of the DIPEx approach to health experiences. The results of our research are published on each member country’s website. Whilst many other websites include patients’ experiences in chat rooms, blogs or video stories, our websites present interview extracts in the context of detailed analyses and a diverse, maximum variation sample of participants. We also publish our research findings in peer reviewed, international journals, and our researchers regularly present at international conferences. DIPEx International also runs its own yearly conference to coincide with its Annual General Meeting.