Republic of Korea


Name of group: Healthtalk Australia
Organisational base: RMIT University, Monash University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales.
Web Address:
Established: 2012
Modules completed: (1) Depression and recovery, (2) Emotional experiences of early parenthood, (3) Experiences of ageing, (4) Mental health and supported decision-making (Lived experience perspectives), (5) Mental health and supported decision-making (Carers’ experiences), (6) Lives of Substance: Experiences of addiction, treatment and recovery, (7) Living with multiple medicines
Modules in progress: Early menopause: Experiences and perspectives of women and health professionals


Name of group: Health Experiences Research Canada
Organisational base: St. Mary’s Research Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital
Web address:
Established: 2010
Modules completed: caregiving
Modules in progress: breast cancer

Czech Republic

Name of group: DIPEx Czech Republic
Organisational base: Olomouc University Social Health Institute (OUSHI), Palacký University Olomouc
Web address:
Established: 2015
Modules completed: Health and lifestyles of seniors
Modules in progress: Quality of life of palliative patients, Spirituality and health in adolescents and adults in the Czech Republic, Breast Cancer


Name of group: DIPEx Germany
Organisational base: Universities of Freiburg and Göttingen
Web address:
Established: 2008, website launch 2011
Modules completed: type 2 diabetes, chronic pain, epilepsy, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases
Modules in progress: breast cancer, prostrate cancer, colorectal cancer, rehabilitation


Name of group: The Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies
Organisational base: Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Web address:
Established: 2013
Modules completed: Chronic Pain


Name of Group: DIPEx Japan
Organisational base: Non-profit organisation
Web address:
Established: 2007 (website launched 2009)
Modules completed: breast cancer, prostate cancer, dementia (individuals and family members), bowel cancer screening
Modules in progress: clinical trials, chronic pain, oral health & care

|Republic of Korea

Name of group: DIPEx Korea
Organisational base: Department of Humanities, Seoul National University
Web address:
Established: 2007
Modules completed: diabetes, breast cancer, stomach cancer, depression, hospice care
Modules in progress: dementia


Name of group: Praten Over Gezondheid (Talking About Health)
Organisational base: Stichting PratenOverGezondheid
Web address:
Established: 2013
Modules completed: dementia – patient and carer perspectives
Modules in progress: type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, rare diseases, visual impairment, metastatic breast cancer, palliative care for children.


Name of group: Helsesnakk, DIPEx Norway
Organisational base: Norwegian centre for e-health research
Web address: (coming soon)
Established: 2015
Modules in progress: Muscular diseases (pilot module), Mental health – patient and carer perspectives.


Name of group: DIPEX Spain
Organisational base: Non for profit scientific society according to the Spanish law
Web address:
Established: 2010
Modules completed: diabetes, palliative care (patients’ perspective)
Modules in progress: palliative Care (family and relatives’ perspectives) hypertension, reproductive technologies


Name of group: DIPEX Switzerland
Organisational base: Institute of Biomedical Ethics & History of Medicine
Web address: N/A
Established: 2017
Modules completed: N/A
Modules in progress: N/A

United Kingdom

Name of group: DIPEx Charity
Organisational base: Registered UK charity
Web address:
Established: 2001
Modules completed: 90+ conditions covered!


Name of group: Health Experiences Research Network
Organisational base: University of Wisconsin-Madison; Johns Hopkins University; Oregon Health and Sciences University; Yale University
Web address:
Established: 2014
Modules in progress: Young Adults’ Experiences with Depression; Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans (pilot module)