Our Members

DIPEx International (DI) is comprised of academic partners who bring considerable breadth and depth of perspective, skill and academic experience to the data collection, analysis and dissemination of our research. DI member teams are based within accredited Universities or University-affiliated research centres and led by senior scientists covering a range of disciplines in the health sciences including sociology, psychology, anthropology, medicine, and more generally, health services research.


Name: Healthtalk Australia.
Base: RMIT University, Monash University, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales.
Website: healthtalkaustralia.org
Established: 2012


Name: Health Experiences Research Canada.
Base: St. Mary’s Research Centre, St. Mary’s Hospital.
Website: healthexperiences.ca
Established: 2010

Czech Republic

Name: DIPEx Czech Republic.
Base: Olomouc University Social Health Institute (OUSHI), Palacký University Olomouc.
Website: hovoryozdravi.cz
Established: 2015


Name: DIPEx Germany.
Base: Universities of Freiburg and Gottingen.
Website: krankheitserfahrungen.de
Established: 2008 (website 2011)


Name: The Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies.
Base: Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
Website: www.gal-soc.org
Established: 2013


Name: DIPEx Japan.
Base: Non-profit organisation.
Website: dipex-j.org
Established: 2007 (website 2009)

Republic of Korea

Name: DIPEx Korea.
Base: Department of Humanities, Seoul National University.
Website: healthstory4u.co.kr
Established: 2007


Name: Praten Over Gezondheid (Talking About Health).
Base: Stichting PratenOverGezondheid.
Website: pratenovergezondheid.nl
Established: 2013


Name: Helsesnakk, DIPEx Norway.
Base: Norwegian centre for e-health research.
Website: helsesnakk.no (coming soon)
Established: 2015


Name: DIPEx Spain.
Based at: Not for profit scientific society according to Spanish law.
Website: dipex.es
Established: 2010


Name: DIPEx.
Base: Registered UK Charity.
Website: healthtalk.org
Established: 2001



Name: DIPEx Switzerland.
Based at: Institute of Biomedical Ethics & History of Medicine.
Website: tbc
Established: 2017


Name: Health Experiences Research Network.
Base: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Johns Hopkins University, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Yale University.
Website: healthexperiencesusa.org
Established: 2014