“The best teaching is taught by the patient himself”

Sir William Osler
Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford (1905-1920)


DIPEx International member teams are based within accredited Universities or University-affiliated research centres and led by senior scientists with academic appointments covering a range of disciplines in the health sciences, including sociology, psychology, anthropology, medicine, and more generally, health services research. Thus the DI collaboration incorporates academic partners who bring considerable breadth and depth of perspectives, skills and academic preparation to this work, spanning the research, analysis and dissemination/application of results.

Research teams involve various academic and non-academic partners (health professionals, patients/family members, voluntary organizations, and managers or policy makers) in several ways throughout the individual projects and in advisory mechanisms for the research program. Further, such partnerships are critical in the application of results through initiatives related to policy development, service redesign, web-based information and support, and in teaching healthcare professionals in academic settings. Finally, copyright is typically held by the host academic institution ensuring that future use of this material is consistent with scholarly objectives and handled in appropriate ways related to ethical consideration and scientific rigour.